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European Centre @ POLIS

Department of Politics and International Studies

The UK’s departure from the EU might arguably leave not only the UK but also the EU more inward-looking and less engaged in world affairs

23 November 2017

European Centre Associate Vladimir Kmec blogs on Brexit and the Consequences for International Peacebuilding.

Vladimir Kmec is an Associate of the European Centre and of the Von Hugel Institute as well as a member of St Edmund’s College at the University of Cambridge. He researches on peacebuilding and the EU Common Security and Defence Policy. He previously worked for the United Nations.

'Brexit: Global Perspectives' aims to focus attention on the wider geopolitical implications of Britain’s decision to leave the EU. Using country spotlight perspectives and thematic symposia, the blog provides an open forum for critical analysis and discussion of diverse global issues and outlooks on Brexit. The blog is curated by Dr Mette Eilstrup-Sangiovanni, Senior Lecturer in International Studies at Cambridge University.